About me


My name is Kamal.

But my friends call me Kam.

I became a handyman and landscaper because I have a love and

passion for fixing people's homes and workplaces.


It started when I was a kid, learning at the knee of my Dad. I quickly discovered I loved adding value to a property in the same way my friends loved playing soccer, golf, or dancing.


 It’s my passion. 

Today, I love nothing more than taking on all the repairs (whether it’s inside or outside the home) and creating a total transformation for my clients.


When you work with me and my team you get professionals who care deeply about every stage of your project, no matter how big or small.


And I promise, no matter what we do…

Gyprock Repairs

we'll take pride in our work, clean up after ourselves and put a smile on your face. More importantly, I'll always be honest and tell you what's best for you.